mandate is to fulfill the following objectives and deliver the following expected results:

  1. Create, maintain and update a survey questionnaire (approximately 75 questions) to collect data from appropriate national and regional sample groups of Canadians (n=3000), with special attention to women, youth and french-speaking Canadians
  2. Create and maintain a database from the findings for both domestic and international comparative analysis and potential longitudinal investigation of user trends and behaviour, with a research network and cluster comprised of stakeholders from academe, industry and government
  3. Develop and refine innovative indices and instruments to better measure user behaviour and more accurately assess usage patterns
  4. Disseminate findings in the publication of an annual report and make available to the participants both the data and more specialized analysis
  5. Promote and publicize the report and findings of the study
  6. Convene a public launch/symposia to publicly release the study and discuss the results
    Establish an ongoing network of research associates combining academic, business and government partners who would utilize the data and provide further analysis via publication as well as participate and interact with other constituents through exchange and discussion to further expand the knowledge gathered
  7. Facilitate and maintain the research network for exchange and discussion among all participants. Specifically, ensure dissemination to and involvement of content producers and end users
  8. Provide access to the database to the academic community and private sector and encourage further multivariate analysis and study
  9. Engage digital content producers to participate with the research network and utilize data and analysis – specifically, interacting with the relationship between content and user, with special attention to audience development
  10. Provide the data and analysis more widely, to interested parties, academic and professional conferences, industry and media
  11. Maintain the long-term tripartite relationship of the research network/consortium with academic researchers, industry and government partners and stakeholders.