The study intends to be as accessible as possible, co-opting partnership from among industry, government and academic units, to form a tripartite consortium that will manage and maintain the study. This will be done to ensure the mandate of the study embraces the broadest possible frame of reference, thereby maximizing the opportunity for research and creating sustainable relevance and importance for the various constituencies. It is in this partnership among industry, government and academe that the richest, most worthwhile exchange and results will emerge. The balance among all three sectors safeguards the integrity of the network, ensuring the study is not co-opted by a specific interest. This is why participation and funding from all three sectors is so vitally important for this project.


* The CMRC is a non-profit partnership of three university-based organizations dedicated to leading-edge research and the promotion of public discussion on the Canadian media. Its main objectives are: to undertake research in media and communication with particular focus on important economic, social and cultural issues related to technological change in the media; promote independent academic research in these areas; and to promote collaborative media research in Canada. The participating institutions include: Le Centre d’études sur les médias (Université Laval and L’école des Hautes études commerciales), the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia, and the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture (York University and Ryerson University.) The initial funding of the CMRC has been provided by BCE as a public benefit from the purchase of CTV.